Get ready to meet Sam Hunt’s “Kinfolks” Thursday at 5 p.m. ET

ABC Radio The official return of Sam Hunt happens Thursday at 5 p.m. ET. And he’s not just back with a new song: he wants to introduce you to his “Kinfolks,” too.

For the past few days, Sam’s been dropping hints about the new song on his socials. “Kinfolks” embodies the feeling of wanting to take home a new love to meet your “people,” as they say in the South where Sam grew up.

“When I think of kinfolks, when I think of that phrase, I think of my family,” Sam explains, “but also I think of my people back home -- beyond family. It’s my buddies who’ve been a part of my story from the beginning.”

“I’ve made a lot of new friends and met a lot of new people who are important to me since I’ve moved away,” he adds, “but that core group is still my core group. It’s like that old saying, ‘You can’t make old friends.’”  

You’ll be able to stream, download and hear “Kinfolks” on the radio at 5 p.m. ET Thursday, but you can check out a brief snippet Sam shared on his socials now.

The Montevallo hitmaker’s currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on his sophomore album, which should arrive next year. He recently introduced another new song, “Sinning with You,” at his Bud Light House Party show last month in Canada.

The most recent new music from Sam came last year with "Downtown's Dead," following his 2017 crossover smash, "Body Like a Back Road."

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