Blanco Brown’s debut album ‘Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs’ coming October 11

BBR Music GroupIt’s a big day for “The Git Up” artist Blanco Brown.

The singer, who calls his brand of music, “TrailerTrap,” has debuted the official video for “The Git Up” and also announced that his debut album Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs, will be out October 11. 

The album was inspired by Blanco’s experiences of growing up partly in Atlanta, and partly in rural Georgia, where his two biggest musical influences were Johnny Cash and Outkast.

“This album represents everything I stand for and all of the different entities of my life,” Blanco says in a statement. “For a long time, I was anxious about releasing my own music. I often wondered what the outcome would be and if people would accept my sound, culture, music and the TrailerTrap lifestyle, but I’m finally ready to be my own narrator.”

As for the video, it’s currently available to watch on YouTube.  It shows Blanco getting up, putting a pair of spurs on his sneakers, and heading out, where he does the dance down the street with a group of people, with some firemen, with some senior citizens, and then with a huge crowd of people in a field.

Some of the folks in the video are the same ones who made their own videos of themselves doing “The Git Up” and posted them online.

Here’s the album’s track listing:

“Temporary Insanity”
“Funky Tonk”
“Georgia Power”
“Gemini (Damn Right)”
“Ghett Ol Memories”
“Don’t Love Her”
“Tn Whiskey”
“The Git Up”

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