“What Gave Me Away”: Trisha Yearwood explains why “Every Girl” should have a husband like Garth Brooks

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It's safe to say Trisha Yearwood's new record bears the Garth Brooks seal of approval.

"I've heard him talk about this country album probably more than I've ever heard him talk about a record that I've made. So he seems to like it," Trisha laughs.

That doesn't mean Garth was around for most of the recording of Every Girl -- especially after what happened while Trisha was making Let's Be Frank.

"I don't go babysit him when he's making a record and vice versa," Trisha explains. "But when I was getting ready to do this standards record... I was nervous... and I said 'You have to go with me. I need you. I need to be able to look at you and see you in the room.'"

"And he cried," she tells ABC Radio. "I'm like, 'You can't cry while I'm singing, because I have to keep it together, you know, while I'm singing!' But I cried too because it was such a dream come true."

In addition to other special guests like Kelly Clarkson, Don Henley and Patty Loveless, Garth also joins his bride for her first all-new country album in more than a decade.

"He's on 'What Gave Me Away,' which to me is this love letter to him," Trisha says. "Really it's a very sexy song... that talks about, like, this guy has my number. So I couldn't have imagined anybody else singing with me other than him."

Trisha says Garth also particularly loves the title track, and was one of the first to believe "Every Girl in This Town" could be a hit.

Of course, he was right, as the track continues its climb the charts after becoming the highest-debuting song of Trisha's career to date.

Every Girl is out now.

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