It’s in his “DNA”: New country artist Baylee Littrell is stealing female fans from his Backstreet Boy dad

Leighanne Littrell

We’ve all seen female fans screaming over their favorite boy bands. That’s something that Baylee Littrell, son of the Backstreet BoysBrian Littrell, has witnessed firsthand numerous times.  But as Baylee pursues his own career in country music — and opens for BSB on their DNA World Tour — he’s now turning the tables on his famous dad.

Take, for example, an incident before Backstreet’s show in Toronto.

“We’re all walking down the street trying to find a place to eat,” Baylee tells ABC Radio. “And this girl comes running up in front of me and my dad, and me and my dad are walking side by side.”

“And she stops. She goes, ‘OH.MY.GOSH.’ And I just look at my dad, and I go to step back,” he recalls, noting that he expected the attention to be directed at Brian.

“She goes, ‘You’re Baylee Littrell.’ And I just looked at my dad, and I gave him this little smirk, and I was like, ‘Yes I am!’ And she was like, ‘Can I get a picture with you? And I was like, ‘Heck yeah!'”

And while Baylee’s already developed quite a following, thanks to the singles he’s released in advance of his forthcoming album — “We Run This Beach,” “Boxes,” and “Don’t Knock It” — his dad was a bit surprised about having to share the spotlight with him.

“My dad’s like, ‘What just happened?'” Baylee laughs. “I’m like, ‘I’ll tell you what just happened! Get used to it buddy!'”

Baylee got a similar reaction earlier this week, while playing a showcase at FGL House prior to BSB’s Nashville show.  He credits the bar’s namesake duo — “Cruise” superstars Florida Georgia Line — with partially inspiring his country career, following BSB’s #1 country hit with FGL, “God, Your Mama, and Me.”

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