Midland “Let[s] It Roll” from the stage of Music Valley’s Texas Troubadour Theater in Nashville

Big Machine The vintage pink Cadillac parked outside Nashville’s Texas Troubadour Theater on Tuesday night was a huge hint as to what was happening inside: Midland was previewing their new album for an invitation-only audience inside the Music Valley venue named for Country Music Hall of Famer Ernest Tubb.

Hit songwriters and co-producers Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne introduced Mark WystrachCameron Duddy, and Jess Carson, who wasted no time lobbing a few friendly jabs back.

“They’re only the two biggest writers in the last 25 years,” Mark began. “Somehow when we met all together, the first song we wrote was a song called…”

“Well, don’t spoil it for later,” Cam interrupted.

“Well nobody will ever know because it was a total turd,” Mark joked. “It sucked. It was Shane and Josh’s idea… And then we go, hey guys, we got an idea…”

“It’s called ‘Drinkin’ Problem,’” Cam continued, referring to Midland’s debut number one single.

“It goes like this: ‘People say I got a drinkin’ problem. I got no problem drinkin’ at all.’ Finish the rest,” he added, as the crowd laughed.

Midland went on to do new tunes like “Cheatin’ Songs,” “Put the Hurt on Me,” “Playboys,” and their hit, “Mr. Lonely,” from their sophomore album. Let It Roll comes out on Friday.

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