“Hell Right”: Blake Shelton’s new single remains a potentially-controversial mystery until Friday

Warner Music Nashville

With less than a day to wait before Blake Shelton‘s new single, “Hell Right,” arrives on Friday, the mystery surrounding his latest collaboration with Trace Adkins only seems to grow.

Blake first hinted the song was coming last week at the #1 party for “God’s Country.”

“We’ve got a bunch of things recorded, and we just cut one actually that HARDY wrote,” he told reporters gathered at Ole Red Nashville, referring to the new track. HARDY co-wrote “God’s Country” as well.

Blake then went on to emphasize that he’s not necessarily working toward a traditional album, going on to say if that were the case — for whatever reason — it wouldn’t be possible to release “Hell Right” as a single.

“It’s another one of those things where I’m kind of glad I don’t have an album,” he cryptically explained. “I’m glad that we’re not up here right now talking about this album coming out, because if that was the situation, [we] probably wouldn’t have this new song that we’re super pumped about.”

Whatever that means exactly, Blake says he’s enjoying the new way he’s making music.

“I’m just having a blast with it!” he said. “So yeah, we’ve got a ton of stuff recorded.”

“Will all of it see the light of day?” Blake asked. “The way the music industry works these days, probably. But I don’t know when or how.”

As for “Hell Yeah,” on Tuesday, Blake tweeted “apologies ahead of time to a few of the ‘purest’ bloggers of country music,” seemingly hinting the song may be controversial.

A snippet released by Blake’s record label starts with the sound of crickets and Trace asking him to “Tell ’em that story you were telling me.” The rest, we should understand on Friday.

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