Dylan Scott believes “Old Town Road” could inspire his toddler son to pursue the family business


As "Old Town Road" spends its nineteenth week atop Billboard's Hot 100, practically everyone is obsessed with the smash hit by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus

And that includes Dylan Scott's son, Beckett, who'll turn two in December. 

"He's singing," Dylan explains. "He [doesn't] know what he's singing, but he started singing... It's kind of cool."

"We all know the song 'Old Town Road,' right? So literally, the song will come on, and his head starts going just like this, up and down," Dylan demonstrates. "And they go, 'Yeah, I'm gonna take my horse to the Old Town Road.'"

"And literally, he comes in right here when they go 'I'm gonna ride,'" Dylan continues. "He goes, 'RIDE, DA, DA, DA, DA, DA.' Like he knows, man, he knows what's going on."

Since Dylan's own father worked as a touring musician, he believes there's a possibility Beckett may continue the family business. 

"My dad never forced music upon me, nor my mom..." Dylan clarifies. "Whatever I wanted to do [was okay] -- and I kind of feel the same way with him."

"I have to prepare him," Dylan adds, "like, 'Son, if you do want to be a singer, it's a long hard road.' But whatever he wants to do. But, yeah... that's cool. He's singing."

An Old Memory, Dylan's tribute to the late Keith Whitley, comes out Friday. Meanwhile, his latest single, "Nothing to Do Town" is currently climbing the country chart.

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