Brantley Gilbert admits his 20-month-old has him “figured out,” as he and wife Amber prepare for their first daughter

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On November 11, Brantley Gilbert‘s son Barrett will celebrate his second birthday. But before then, Barrett will become a big brother, as Brantley and his wife Amber anticipate the birth of their first daughter in September.

While there’s no denying Brantley is smitten with his little boy, he tries as hard as he can to be a good disciplinarian. 

“I’m pretty tough on him,” Brantley confesses. “If he falls, he’s got to get up, and figure a lot of stuff out himself.”

“He’s a little young for that,” he admits. “I kind of let him wander off and do his thing, and I let him make mistakes… And when he does, I’ll shape him up.”

Brantley can’t help but see some of his own personality in Barrett.

“He’s a little bit like me. You can’t let him get on over on you, because he will. Even at 20 months, he’s got me figured out already,” Brantley laughs.

The “What Happens in a Small Town” hitmaker fears he’ll have an even harder time being strict with a daughter.

“Amber reads a lot of the books and stuff, and she shares a lot of that information with me,” Brantley explains. “I read a little bit of ’em. I just feel like no matter how much you read…nobody’s ever ready for what each kid brings to the world.”

Most of all, Brantley wishes time could slow down a little bit.

“I’m excited to go day by day with her, and [to] [watch] her grow,” he says. “[I] just hope maybe she doesn’t grow as fast as he does and has. I feel like somebody hit the fast-forward button the minute he came out, which I’m sure it’ll probably just double up when she gets here.”

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