You’ve Graduated! What Now?


1. Be humble after graduation

According to Jeffrey J. Selingo there is a big difference between how college grads rate themselves and how employers rate their skills. In his January 26, 2015, article for the, “Why are so many college students failing to gain job skills before graduation?” Selingo cited two studies that illustrated how much college grads still need to learn.

Students graduate with a lot of book knowledge but lack practical problem-solving skills that come with experience. As a result, the college degree is not the advantage that it used to be.

“One of the country’s most-sought-after employers, Google, has found that it is increasingly hiring people without college degrees because the signal of the credential is no longer as clear as it used to be that someone is job ready,” Selingo revealed.

2. Job hunting tips

You might decide that you want to take a break from school and work for a while before you decide about grad school. Here is something important to know about your first job after graduation. You may have to take on a job that you hate. But that could turn out to be a good thing.

In a June 23, 2014, article for, J. Maureen Henderson explained “Why Taking A Job You Hate Right Out Of College Is The Best Career Move You Can Make.”

According to Henderson, your first job will give you the financial security you need to be able to relax, experience the world of work and make decisions about your future. Besides, how do you know that you’ll hate a job until you do it? You need to find out how you work best and what kinds of situations bring out your best efforts.

“Think of it like basic training for the world of work. You come in a raw, clueless recruit and, if you pay attention, ask the right questions and file away knowledge, you emerge as someone who understands group dynamics, time management, interpersonal communications and negotiation skills and has a solid sense of what ‘business casual’ really means,” Henderson said.

3. Survival tips

When you’re in school you have deadlines for assignments and exams that drive your life and create structure. After graduation you need to make sure that you have goals and structures in place so that you can keep that momentum going.

Peter Jacobs compiled comments from recent college grads in his “10 Tips For Surviving Life After College,” April 14, 2014, article for

One commenter pointed out that after college you won’t have as much free time. So you’ll have to plan a lot better in order to get everything done. Even doing your laundry will be a balancing act as you plan your daily and weekly routine out.



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