Shaun Streeter

Streeter moved to the Panhandle from Missouri after spending many of his vacations camping in St. Andrews State Park. “I recall telling my girlfriend a few years ago while driving along the Gulf, ‘we have to find a way to move here’…. and the rest is history. In Missouri, Streeter worked tons of odd jobs before deciding on a career in Broadcasting. “I consider being the Mayor of Looney Toons Town at Six Flags one of my greatest accomplishments.” In his free time, you can find Streeter on the beach, repurposing old wood into new furniture, spending time with his girlfriend and ready-made family or exploring one of the beautiful parks nearby. “I love to be a part of a station that believes in community first. I love doing what I can to make the world a better place to live, and you have to start in your own community.”