Oh Gussie! LBT’s Kimberly Schlapman is spreading more homespun charm with Cracker Barrel

ABC/Image Group LAJust in time for the holidays, there’s a new collection of Kimberly Schlapman’s Oh Gussie products at Cracker Barrel.

Just as in the past, many of the products are modeled after the pottery Kimberly’s father makes as a hobby. This time, there’s an entire set of dinnerware, as well as canisters, a cookie jar and more.

“I absolutely love setting a fall table for entertaining while it’s still nice outside,” the Little Big Town singer shared on her socials, along with several pictures of the new line.

“Nothing feels more intimate then a brunch or dinner in the autumn air,” she adds. “These table pieces are near to my heart, as they are direct replicas of pottery my daddy has made for me.”

Kimberly’s latest Oh Gussie wares also include Christmas decorations, scarves, shawls, and several sheep-themed items. You can check them out online or in Cracker Barrel.

Meanwhile, Little Big Town’s just released their new single, “Over Drinking,” from their new album, Nightfall, which comes out January 17.

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