“I Hope You’re Happy Now”: Carly Pearce opens up about the breakup that inspired her new song

ABC/Image Group LACarly Pearce is now happily engaged to Michael Ray, and they’re on the way to the altar sometime this fall.  But before their romance could blossom, she had to deal with a painful reality: breaking up with her then-boyfriend.

It’s something she tackles head-on in her new album.

“I want people to know: Yes, I fell in love. And yes, there’s going to be those songs,” Carly explains. “But in the process of falling in love, I have hurt someone else.  I broke somebody else’s heart a few years ago, and had to figure out some things in my own life that maybe weren’t serving me well.”

That experience inspired “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” the single Carly co-wrote with Luke Combs and sings with Lee Brice.  It’ll be out September 27.

Carly vows the new album will be as transparent as her first, Every Little Thing, the chart-topping title track from which is about another breakup.

“In the way that my first record was very unapologetically honest, this one is, too,” she tells ABC Radio. “And with that, there’s still going to be those heartbreak songs. There’s still going to be those vulnerable moments. There’s confessions, there’s all kinds of things on this record that I feel like dive a little bit deeper.”

“Social media shows some things,” Carly adds, “but I feel like you don’t know the whole story until you really listen to this record.  And it’s all about finding my way to the place that I am now.”

And Carly teases, “But it’s gonna have a little bit of everything on it. There might be a few duets.”

Carly’s sophomore album — likely including a rumored duet with Michael Ray — will arrive sometime in 2020.

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