Chris Young doesn’t want fans “Losing Sleep,” promises new music is coming

RCA Nashville If you're waiting to learn the release date for Chris Young's follow-up to 2017's Losing Sleep -- well, you're gonna have to wait a little longer. But the Tennessee native vows to keep the new music coming in the meantime.

"You guys are gonna keep getting teased for a little while," he admits. "I'm actually working on a couple things to round it out."

"But we've been obviously teasing songs," Chris points out. "'Drowning' has been out there, 'Town Ain't Big Enough' with Lauren Alaina. And there's definitely more to come."

In fact, "Drowning," the song Chris wrote about the painful loss of a dear friend, is his new single.

"It's just a song that means so much to me," he explains. "And honestly, I was gonna put that on the record just because it meant a lot to me."

"And it's been so cool to see how much that song means to everybody else," Chris adds. "And I really wasn't expecting that. I hoped people would love the song, but I had no idea they were gonna react to it like this."

"Drowning" is the follow-up to the new album's top-five, lead single, "Raised on Country."

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