Miranda Lambert drops Maren Morris collab “Way Too Pretty for Prison”

ABC/Mark LevineMiranda Lambert and vocal powerhouse Maren Morris channeled some serious Thelma and Louise energy in their hotly anticipated collaboration, “Way Too Pretty for Prison.”

The single dropped at the stroke of midnight on Monday, becoming the fifth track released off Lambert’s upcoming album, Wildcard

“Way Too Pretty for Prison” marks the first time Morris and Lambert have recorded a song together and fans are begging for more.  Plucking the same vein as Dixie Chicks‘ revenge-themed “Goodbye Earl,” the two sing about a cheating man and how they want to kill him out of revenge.  Unlike the tale of Mary Anne and Wanda, however, Morris and Lambert are hesitant to do the deed purely out of vanity.

“We’re way too pretty for prison.  Hard time ain’t our kind of living,” the duo sings, “And I don’t want to talk about the way those jumpsuits wash us out.”  The two also cite not having “lunch trays that come with Chardonnay,” and “the state won’t pay for lash extensions” as more excuses why prison life simply won’t do.

Then, they muster up a potential solution: “So let’s hire somebody to kill him.”

Lambert has previously released “Mess with My Head,” “It All Comes Out in the Wash,” “Locomotive,” and “Bluebird” to promote Wildcard, which is due out November 1.

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