“When My Amy Prays”: The surprising revelation in Vince Gill’s autobiographical “Okie” album

MCA NashvilleVince Gill‘s deeply personal album titled Okie is new today, complete with an autobiographical song about his wife, iconic Christian singer Amy Grant.

While you may think the Country Music Hall of Famer and the inspirational legend share a similar faith-based background — well, Vince says you’re wrong. 

“It’s interesting because there’s perceptions,” he explains. “There’s this thing we do where we assume and we perceive that someone’s this or someone’s that. And you know, you don’t ever see the entirety of somebody.”

“In saying that,” Vince continues, “you know, I think a lot of people assume that because I’m married to Amy Grant that I’m just like her, you know, that I had this whole life of faith and whole life of church and I didn’t.”

“When My Amy Prays” highlights the differences between the couple.

“That’s kind of what the song’s about, as much as it is lifting her up,” Vince says. “It’s about being vulnerable enough to say, ‘She may be that — me, not so much.'”

It’s also about how Vince is inspired by his wife of nearly twenty years.

“It sure helps,” he says of his relationship with Amy, “because I get to watch that welcoming kind of spirit.”

“And [her] nonjudgmental [attitude], and willing[ness] to embrace everything and everybody, just is inspiring to be around.”

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