Justin Moore may have “Late Nights and Longnecks,” but his wife won’t let him forget he’s not a member of the “Drinking Class”

The Valory Music Co. Justin Moore has no problem admitting he's not the foremost authority on his own music: That happens to be his wife Kate.

"She's really good to run music by because she's completely honest -- brutally honest," the Arkansas resident tells ABC Radio. "And so, she'll go, 'Yeah, I don't really like that.' And I'm going, 'That's great! I mean, that was my idea. I wrote it!' She goes, 'I don't like it.'"

"So she's the one I usually rely on for that for that back home," he adds. "She's actually picked a lot of our hits. She'll say 'You need to put that out' or 'You need to put that out.'"

In fact, Justin admits he's messed up at times by NOT taking Kate's advice.

"I had a song on hold that I was going to record that I didn't," he explains. "And she was mad at me, and said, 'Man, you shoulda recorded that.' And then instantly Lee Brice made it a hit. It was 'Drinking Class.'"

"So she won't let me live that one down," Justin smiles.  

"Drinking Class" went on to become a platinum-selling hit for Lee, and Billboard's most-played song of 2015.

Of course, Justin has still done pretty well for himself. His latest single, "The Ones That Didn't Make It Back Home," is currently at number three on the chart. It's the lead release from his new Late Nights and Longnecks album.

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