Blake got so excited to go on Strait’s bus, he “drank his face off” — and may do it again this weekend

Warner Music NashvilleIf you want to see Blake Shelton turn into a fangirl, just ask him about George Strait.

The Oklahoma native was super-excited to get the call to play several stadium shows with his hero, like the one he'll do Saturday night at Gillette Stadium, the home of the New England Patriots.

"I had opened for George in 2007... or 2008," Blake recalls. "And it was one of the greatest things I ever did... just being a country music fan, and being able to stand on the side of the stage every night, watch him, and get a chance to visit with him a few times, you know."

"Not as many times as I wish I could have," he adds, "but that's George Strait. It's like, 'Where'd he go? How'd he get here?' He's sneaky!"

Blake actually gets a little speechless when he starts talking about the Country Music Hall of Famer.

"There's really nothing to say. You just say, 'George Strait,' and that's it," he explains. "To be able to now flash forward many, many years to get that call... I don't know if it was George himself -- I like to tell myself it was -- that asked for me. But I'm just happy to be doing it."

Back in June, Blake played Ohio Stadium with King George.

"Just like I hoped, I got that invitation to go up on the bus and hang out with him," he says. "And I literally don't remember leaving his bus, and it wasn't very long...I was so excited, I was just drinking my face off. Let's be honest."

"I was super pumped about it, and hopefully I can get the chance to do that again," he adds.

Blake's new single, "Hell Right," comes out today, ahead of his Saturday performance with George.

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