Jason Aldean’s new mansion will boast a bowling alley and a pool “like Sandals beach resort”

Broken Bow

(NOTE LANGUAGE) These days, Jason Aldean and his family are living in a temporary space after selling their house in January, as he and his wife, Brittany, await completion of their dream home.

When it’s finished, Jason’s new address will have quite a few features worthy of an ACM Entertainer of the Decade.

“I kind of always feel like a douchebag talking about this stuff,” the Georgia native confesses.  “But my old house had a bowling alley… and had a bar in it.  And it was just kind of like the man cave, you know, that I would go and watch football and stuff like that on the weekends.”

Jason goes on: “And so that was something that I used a ton.  And, you know, we used it a lot for Thanksgiving. We had family and stuff come over. So when we built our new house, that was the one thing I was like, ‘We have to at least have that again. We use it too much not to.'”

Jason admits he may have gone a little overboard when it comes to the pool.

“The pool is pretty good, too. It looks kind of like Sandals beach resort,” he laughs. “We got a little carried away. I’ll say that. But it’s gonna be fun when it’s finally done.”

Back in March, Brittany estimated she and Jason were a year away from moving into their new home.

In the meantime, Jason’s latest single, “Rearview Town,” is currently in country’s top five.

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