Miranda’s “got a wild card up [her] sleeve,” and she’ll show her hand on Thursday

ABC/Mark Levine When Miranda Lambert said she was anxious to put out new music, she wasn’t kidding.

First, she debuted the new track “Locomotive” during CMA Fest in Nashville in June. Then in mid-July, she released her new single, “It All Comes Out in the Wash.”

Last Friday, she delivered the rocking “Mess with My Head,” and on Thursday, it looks like we can expect another new song.

“Stay tuned…tomorrow,” Miranda teased on her socials on Wednesday, along with a short video clip.

“If the house just keeps on winning, I got a wild card up my sleeve,” she sings in the snippet, which is accompanied by a fast-paced array of images that includes a new picture of Miranda.

“I’ve got something up my sleeve for y’all this week...” she posted earlier, along with another new photograph showing her leaning against a pink-tiled wall that's decorated with vinyl singles and the cover of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

Previously, Miranda’s said she's hoping her entire new album will be out by fall.

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