Watch now: Taylor Dye may “Die from a Broken Heart” in Maddie & Tae’s dramatic new video

Mercury Nashville Taylor Dye shows off her acting skills in Maddie & Tae’s dramatic new video for “Die from a Broken Heart.”

Tae demonstrates a wide range of emotion in the video as she plays the female half of a happy couple destined for heartbreak. Simultaneously, Maddie Marlow performs the ballad standing in a grassy field, wearing a glamorous red gown.   

“We knew that with a song like 'Die From a Broken Heart,' the music video needed to come from that same vulnerability and that’s exactly what we did,” Tae says.  

“This music video was healing for me and I hope it plays a part in someone else’s healing as well,” she adds.

Maddie gives her musical partner high marks for flexing her dramatic muscles in the clip.

“Tae was so vulnerable and did an amazing job acting out her story,” Maddie says. “I’m so proud of her for going there fully, so that others can connect. Of all the videos we’ve created, 'Die From a Broken Heart' is the one I’m most proud of making.”

So far, the duo’s latest single has been streamed more than 50 million times.

Next month, Maddie & Tae join Carrie Underwood for the second leg of her Cry Pretty Tour.

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