Newcomer Travis Denning admits he started so young, he’d sometimes drive his parents home “After a Few”

ABC/Image Group LA Newcomer Travis Denning scored his first hit with “David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs,” a song about the name on his fake ID. Now, his follow-up single is just beginning its journey in the top forty, and “After a Few” also considers what happens when you have a drink or two.

If it seems like a theme for Travis, well, the Georgia native admits he was playing in clubs long before he was old enough to belly up to the bar. In fact, in the beginning, he had to take his parents along to chaperone.

“Yeah! Which sometimes meant that they drove me there, and then I drove them home,” Travis laughs. “It kind of depended on the show.”

“But yeah, I mean my first gig, I was 16,” he recalls. “It was at the Statham’s Landing Country Club. This [was with] my buddy Ben, and we made about 50 bucks apiece to play for two hours, and I thought I was the king of the world!”

Travis believes his early beginnings gave him a leg up when he moved to Nashville to pursue a music career.

“I spent pretty much all my years in high school playing shows…” he tells ABC Radio. “And I’m really thankful for that time, because I think it helped me… cut [my] teeth on stage, and figure it out, you know. So when I moved to Nashville, I already felt comfortable in that scenario.”

“And I think there’s a lot of people that don’t do that — which is okay,” he adds, “but I think it’s just a great element to have coming into this.”  

Later this month, Travis plays a pre-race concert at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Virginia on Saturday, August 17.

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