Luke Combs gets “Angry” with new song “Let’s Just Be Friends”

ABC/Randy HolmesLuke Combs is adding a country music presence to the new movie, Angry Birds 2, thanks to a song on the soundtrack titled “Let’s Just Be Friends.” 

The catchy tune features a laid-back melody that blends country, rock and pop; the lyrics reflect people with differing viewpoints coming together.

The first verse tells of two people who live in opposite worlds — one is rock while the other is roll, one has heart while the other has soul — but the chorus encourages putting differences aside and unifying in friendship. 

If we don’t even know what we were fussin’ about/Don’t you think it’s time we work it out/Let’s just be friends,” Luke sings.

The “Beer Never Broke My Heart” singer isn’t the only country connection to the film, which is based on the mobile game series. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman‘s daughters, Sunday and Faith, provide the voices fortwo young hatchlings in the movie, which hits theaters on August 14.  

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