Jon Pardi admits he needed “Heartache Medication” after giving Thomas Rhett his new record

Capitol Nashville

Jon Pardi admits that for a while, he thought he needed some Heartache Medication after he sent his pal Thomas Rhett his next record.

Even though TR and his wife had previously professed their love for Jon's music, he didn't hear anything back after sharing his new album with them. 

"He always told me he's a big fan, and him and Lauren listen to [my music] all the time," Jon explains. 

"And we crossed paths," he continues, "[after] I sent him the Dropbox link to Heartache Medication, and he never responded."

"And I asked him, 'Have you been listening to the record?' He goes, 'Every day!'"

"And I was like, 'Cool. So you like it?' And he was like, 'I love it.' And that was it."

Jon confesses he was beginning to get worried.  "It's like, 'Well I guess he didn't like the record,'" he recalls. "So it was cool [to find out he did]..."

"There's a big respect [between] both of us," he adds.

Jon and Thomas Rhett even have a duet on TR's new Center Point Road album, titled "Beer Can't Fix."

Jon's Heartache Medication, featuring the hit title track, arrives September 27.

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