Watch now: Maren Morris’s Highwomen start a fire with “Redesigning Women”

Low Country Sound/Elektra RecordsThe first taste of music from Maren Morris’s all-female supergroup The Highwomen arrived on Friday, along with a fiery music video and the promise of a full-length album coming in the fall.

And as you might expect, Maren and her pals - hit songwriter Natalie Hemby and Americana Grammy-winners Brandi Carlile and Amanda Shires -- have something to say.

“Redesigning women/Running the world while we’re cleaning up the kitchen/Making bank, shaking hands, driving 80/Trying to get home just to feed the baby,” the foursome sing in the tune, which alternates between solo spots and parts sung in unison, complete with impressive harmonies.

“Skipping the bread for the butter/Changing our minds like we change our hair color/Yeah, ever since the beginning, we’ve been redesigning women,” the song continues.

In the music video, The Highwomen drive a fire truck loaded with boxes into a hayfield, dressing as firefighters soon after they arrive. When they start unloading the truck, you realize it’s filled with symbols of modern womanhood: a sofa, teacups, kitchen table, ironing board, lingerie, and more.

Then a pickup truck arrives, loaded with legends like Tanya Tucker and Wynonna, as well as Highwomen contemporaries like Lauren AlainaCamCassadee Pope and more.

As the sun sets, the women make a bonfire out of the household imagery they brought along and have a party, before the clip ends with a toast.

“Redesigning Women” is available to stream or download now, and you can check out the music video on YouTube as well. The full-length, self-titled The Highwomen is set to arrive September 6.

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