“Alcohol You Later”: How a stranger in a bar inspired Mitchell Tenpenny’s latest hit

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Mitchell Tenpenny seems to be developing a theme: he followed his debut chart-topping hit, "Drunk Me," with another seemingly booze-soaked song, "Alcohol You Later."

"Well, one you become sober, and one you're just making a mistake," he laughs. 

"'Alcohol' wasn't even gonna make the record," he tells ABC Radio. "It was a live song that just kept doing its thing. It's a five-year-old song and I released it a long time ago. But it just kind of worked its way back up."

"It's crazy, the life of a song, sometimes," he observes.

Mitchell was hanging out at a watering hole in Midtown Music City when the idea for the song hit him.

"I was sitting at Losers bar in Nashville," he recalls, "and the guy next to me puts his drink down, and real suddenly tells his buddy he'll call him later."

"He's like, 'All right buddy, I'll call you guy later,'" Mitchell explains, imitating the man's voice. "And I just heard 'Alcohol you later.'"

"And so I wrote it down. I looked it up on Google real quick. I saw nothing, and I was like, 'All right.'"

"So the next day I went in the room with two guys to write and I threw that idea out. And they're like, 'Yeah let's have fun with it.'"

"Alcohol You Later" is the second single from Mitchell's debut album, Telling All My Secrets.

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