Dan + Shay’s pop star fan club includes Demi, Shawn & The Jonas Brothers: “They’re the most famous people we know”

ABC/Image Group LA When Dan + Shay sang "Speechless" at the Las Vegas wedding of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, it was a hint at the A-list pop circles the country duo is moving in these days.  The duo's celebrity fan club includes Shawn Mendes, Demi Lovato and, of course, Joe and his brother Nick Jonas.

"They're the most famous people we know," Shay says of Joe and Nick. "We're definitely probably the least famous people that the Jonas Brothers know!"

"For sure," Dan laughs. "They don't even have our numbers saved in their phone!"

The duo credit the crossover success of their hit "Tequila," as well as "Speechless," for exposing their music to the pop superstars, who like what they hear.

"It's been cool to see that people like Shawn Mendes [are] hearing our music for the first time," Shay admits.

Dan adds, "Demi Lovato hit us up and [was] like, 'I am obsessed with country music: the storytelling, the songs, the harmonies, everything.'"

Turns out that pop stars are, well, kinda jealous of how tight-knit artists are in Nashville and in the country music world in general.

"To have people from the outside looking in [say], 'Man, I wish we had that sense of community,' just makes us feel really glad to be here in Nashville," Dan says.

"This is where the greatest songs in the world are written," Shay explains. "The storytelling and the way that people are able to put an emotion inside of a song is intriguing to a lot of people."

Dan + Shay's current album includes a duet with Kelly Clarkson, and Shay says he and Dan are "definitely open" to more collabos like that. 

"You never know!" he adds.

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