Old Dominion fans hope the band will “Make It Sweet” by announcing new album Monday on “GMA”

ABC/Image Group LA Old Dominion fans will be watching Monday’s Good Morning America with anticipation, hoping the CMA and ACM Vocal Group of the year will announce the release date for their third album. 

The chart-topping lead single, “Make It Sweet,” came out in October, with the tracks “One Man Band” and “Some People Do,” following in January and May, respectively.

Still, the five-man band hasn’t revealed when their follow-up to Happy Endings will arrive.

“Timeline — I wish we could give that timeline, man,” lead singer Matthew Ramsey told reporters backstage at CMA Fest last month.

“But I think the three songs that you’ve heard are, like, a good two ends of the spectrum really,” he explained. “You know, it’s like, you go from the ‘Make it Sweet’ — like fun, happy, jangly Old Dominion — to the ‘Some People Do’ — which is the more introspective and emotional side.”

“So we cover it all in there,” he adds. “There’s examples of all of that, and sometimes those are together in the same song.”

Whenever OD3 does arrive, Matthew promises it’ll be worth the wait.

“We cannot wait for you to hear it. And I wish we could tell you right now [and] it was coming out tomorrow,” he laughs.

On Tuesday, Old Dominion tweeted they do indeed have “some news to share” on Monday’s Good Morning America. You can tune in to find out what it is — and check out their performance — starting at 7 a.m. ET on ABC.

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