Chris Young is so happy with the “Raised on Country” video, he didn’t mind getting a little “trashed”

RCA Nashville

In his new video for "Raised on Country," Chris Young causes an atmospheric disturbance as he performs his latest hit in the shadow of the legendary WSM radio tower in Nashville. 

To create the effect, that meant Chris would be pelted with papers while standing in front of a huge fan. But it turns out he didn't mind, even though it involved some trial and error.

"It was a lot of fun," he reveals. "And also, the very first thing that happened is they did not tell me for the first shot where we were doing the fan, and they're just throwing torn-up scraps of, like, everything. And it hit me right in the mouth, the first shot."

"[The director] actually went back and showed it to me. But it was like me getting hit right in the face with a bunch of trash, which is not flattering," Chris laughs.

Ultimately, Chris loved getting to shoot the video at the station that made the Grand Ole Opry famous.

"Being at WSM and being there with that tower in the background," Chris explains, "I mean, being a member of the Grand Ole Opry, that's a huge nod to the history of country music in a song called 'Raised on Country,' which is so important to me."

"[It's] just the love of the history of it and what's come before us that allows us to have a platform to make country music," he adds. "You can't get a much more iconic shot than that."

You can check out Chris Young's "Raised on Country" video on YouTube now.

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