“Late Nights and Longnecks” and layettes: Justin Moore explains how This Little Piggy opened a store

Big Machine In addition to placing hits like "The Ones That Didn't Make It Back Home" on the chart, Justin Moore is also the proud father of four: daughters EllaKennedy, and Klein, who are nine, seven, and five, respectively, plus his two-year-old son, South

Dressing four little ones also led to another business for Justin and his wife Kate: the children's boutique named This Little Piggy in Benton, Arkansas.

"It's an idea that she's had and wanted to do for a couple of years now," Justin explains, "and kind of just came out of our own personal experience with having kids and the difficulty that she has clothing them."

"[T]here are literally zero places back home," he continues, "and even when we were [in Nashville] there weren't many... She pretty much has to order everything for our kids."

"And she goes, 'I'm telling you, we need to do this,'" he recalls. "'People want to come in and see and feel.'"

Kate has a degree in business, and Justin's particularly happy she's getting to put it to use, since she previously put her own dreams aside so Justin could follow his.

"I'm excited for her to have the opportunity to do something that she's had a passion for for a while now..." he tells ABC Radio. "She had a good career going when we get together. And I started doing this, so she put that on the back burner for me to be able to to try this out."  

This Little Piggy opened its doors in Justin's home state of Arkansas last year. You can check out their offerings online at ShopThisLittlePiggy.com

Justin's new album, Late Nights and Longnecks, arrives July 26.

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