“Things That We Drink To”: Morgan Evans feels the love for “Day Drunk” Down Under

ABC/Image Group LA Morgan Evans' "Day Drunk" may only now be nearing the top twenty in the U.S., but it's already been a massive hit in his native Australia, topping both the country and the pop charts. 

The "Kiss Somebody" hitmaker admits that's not too bad for a song that was inspired by spending a lazy day off with his wife, Kelsea Ballerini.

Morgan confesses success Down Under is even sweeter, because he wondered if he'd still be accepted back home when he left to pursue music in the States.

"It's pretty funny," he laughs. "I had no idea that it would do that down there."

"Australia is a little bit like Texas," Morgan explains. "You know, all of country music is still popular there, but it also has its own kind of [musical scene]. And sometimes when you leave Texas, Texans don't like that."

"And I always wondered if Australia would be like that for me," Morgan goes on.  "But the way that they've embraced this song is definitely not that."

In fact, when Morgan visited his family during the holidays, he could hardly escape his hit song.

"When I was back over Christmas, like every radio station in my hometown plays the song, which is pretty funny," he smiles. "And that's an amazing feeling, you know, because I feel like as an artist and a singer/songwriter you just want to be accepted in your hometown. And, yeah, I feel like I got that."

Half of Morgan's Australian dates on his World Tour next October are already sold out.

"Day Drunk" is the second single from Morgan's Things That We Drink To album, following his debut number-one hit, "Kiss Somebody."

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