It’s no stunt: Midland may’ve enjoyed the Looney Tunes-style abuse they heaped on “Mr. Lonely” Dennis Quaid

Big Machine

In Midland's lead single from their sophomore album, "Mr. Lonely" is the good-time guy who's always up to entertain the ladies.

But in the video, things take a darker turn, as a group of women enact their revenge on the man who's done them wrong, played by actor Dennis Quaid.

If you've watched the cartoons where Wile E. Coyote pursues the Road Runner, Cameron Duddy -- who directed the "Mr. Lonely" video with his brother, Colin -- says that's the tone they imagined for the clip.

"It was just like this Looney Tunes-style music video where we destroyed a whole bar over Dennis Quaid's head," Cameron explains.

"I mean, that's essentially what the video treatment was: 'We're gonna beat ya up,'" he continues. "And he showed up and wanted to do all the stunts."

That also involves one particular scene where a dart is directed toward a very personal area.

"I love the video because of that dart going at his special place," Mark Wystrach jokes, adding, "I think it's a really fun song and the video kind of turns it on its head and it's really empowering for women."

You can check out the "Mr. Lonely" video on YouTube now. Midland's second album, titled Let It Roll, is set to arrive August 23.

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