Newcomer HARDY takes you inside his hit-making “fraternity” with FGL and Morgan Wallen

Big Loud

Newcomer HARDY is enjoying his first top-forty hit as an artist these days with "Rednecker," but chances are, there are plenty of his tunes you already know.

HARDY wrote Morgan Wallen's breakthrough, "Up Down," with Florida Georgia Line, as well as FGL's #1, "Simple," and their latest hit, "Talk You Out of It."

There's no denying that HARDY, Morgan, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are one big, hit-making band of brothers.

"It's funny," HARDY laughs. "I think people are calling it a fraternity, which I'm not mad at. We're just a group of guys that like to have fun."

"But, you know, Morgan's one of my best friends in the whole world," he explains, "and that makes it a lot easier when you're touring together and just going through the ups and downs of the whole thing. And we're really close."

"And the same for Tyler and Brian, the FGL guys," he adds.

HARDY believes one of the reasons they all get along so well is because they come from similar backgrounds.

"I feel like we're all just kinda normal dudes that came from very normal situations and small towns and stuff," he tells ABC Radio. "And we kinda just have that thing together..."

"Me and Morgan go around slapping each other's necks and stuff, and people see that kind of stuff. So it's fun."

Next month, HARDY and Morgan head out with FGL on their Can't Say I Ain't Country Tour.

There happens to be another HARDY hit you probably know. He co-wrote Blake Shelton's smash, "God's Country," with Devin Dawson.

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