Runaway June will do ANYTHING to get Carrie Underwood’s legs — and they’re willing to work out to prove it

BBRRunaway June now has the first weekend of Carrie Underwood's all-girl Cry Pretty Tour 360 under their belt.

But having seen her elaborate Storyteller trek in 2016 -- which was in the round just like this one -- they admit they weren't quite sure what to expect.

"Is it gonna be spinning while we're on it? Do we need to like work on our cores so we don't fall over? I don't know," Hannah Mulholland jokingly asked. "We've never had to work a stage like that, where there's maybe all angles and really move around. So it'll be new for us."

Naomi Cooke agrees: "We're going in with an open mind and just being willing to like, you know, do some cool stuff, something completely different."

And if it takes a regular, group workout to be up for the challenge? Runaway June is in.

"I hope so! I want those legs," Jennifer Wayne asserts, referring to Carrie's toned legs.

"We'll do anything to get those legs," Naomi jokes, "including cut them off -- take them!" she laughs.

But Runaway June is as serious about their fitness as Carrie is.

"Yeah, actually, it's nice because when we're on the road, we try to be as healthy as we can," Naomi explains. "It's really, it's difficult, but I feel like we do a pretty good job.  And Carrie's tour will make it easier, because she's so health conscious and everyone there's trying to make it comfortable and make sure everyone stays healthy and happy."

Runaway June, Carrie, and Maddie & Tae continue their the Cry Pretty trek tonight in Phoenix, Arizona.

Runaway June's latest latest single, "Buy My Own Drinks," is just about to break into country's top twenty.

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