Chase Rice has his “Eyes on You,” and it’s taken him all the way to number one

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Chase Rice is starting the week with the first number-one song of his career, as "Eyes on You" takes its place at the top of the chart.

The North Carolina native recalls he sensed from the very beginning there was something special about the romantic tune.

"It's a very infectious melody," he tells ABC Radio. "The melody's just, it's hard to forget. I mean, as soon as [songwriter Ashley] Gorley started playing the piano that day and humming that melody, I was in."

"I think it starts with the melody," Chase continues, "and all the places -- Big Sur, London -- all these places that I'm mentioning in the song -- Carolina -- I've been to all these places. So I was able to lyrically paint that picture of my view of these places. I think it starts with the melody, but also people can paint themselves into the song."

Much to Chase's surprise, he now has a hit that's also becoming a popular wedding song.

"That's not really my style, but it is [a wedding song] now, I guess," he says candidly. "My ex, ex-girlfriend told me that one time. It was like Lee Brice, when 'I Don't Dance' was real big. She was like, 'You need to write a wedding song.'"

"I was like 'I don't want to write a wedding song! That's not really me.' And now here we are with a big ol' wedding song. So, people are getting married to it, people are singing it live. Either way, just sing it loud, and I'm happy."

You can find "Eyes on You" on Chase's latest album, Lambs & Lions.

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