TJ Kelley

TJ Kelley, oldest son of Ted and Judy is from Atlanta Georgia by birth, but raised in Cleburne Texas by his Dad and Kathi, his step-mother of 30+ years.

A Veteran of the United States Air Force (207X1, if you wanna know) he found himself in a radio station for the first time at 32 years of age. By his 35th Birthday he made the climb to “the Majors” working for KICKS 101.5 in Atlanta from 1998 to 2002. Atlanta native’s, yes…it’s THAT TJ. His edgy delivery and over the top content immediately made him a major player in the coveted Atlanta market pretty quick, but it wasn’t long afterwards that he left radio for family reasons, and tried little stints here and there…but nothing really stuck.

Fast forward to now, it was just a chance coincidental meeting between TJ, Upper Management and HIS Cousin Willie who already lived here, that a match made in redneck heaven was born.

Known for a quick wit, this 6’1 290 pound man that, as he says “Looks like Barney Rubble and Shrek had a love child”, currently resides in Lynn Haven, rides a VTX 1800 he calls “Sam”, (I’ve never dated a Sam, and never had one break my heart…so it works) sports a mohawk, constantly has a skateboard somewhere nearby and is the persona of the “Good Old Boy from Texas”

Not married, he IS currently “Livin’ In Sin” with “an incredibly hot blonde WAAAAAY too pretty to be with me…..”, A red pit named MarRaya, and a Great Pyrenees named Sarge….both Bay County Rescues..

We asked for a few “insights” to get know him, and this is what we got:

I love coffee, Dr. Pepper, Ranch Dressing, and Tuna with Red Apple chunks in it, mushrooms, pickles, green beans, and guacamole. Not all in the same BOWL…that would be gross.

I’d rather try to get smoke inside of a glass bottle using a baseball bat than listen to someone complain.

Fat baby animals like hippos and walrus’s make me laugh like hell.

I believe in treating people how you want to be treated. Rude people really make me mad. Not so much when they’re rude to me. I’ve been dealing with hecklers all my life and can handle
them. When they’re mean to old people or kids…I’ll make’em famous.

Going to church doesn’t make you any more a Christian than going to McDonalds makes you a Happy Meal. God and I have an agreement. He knows my heart. Hell, he PUT ME here, and knows my heart very well.

I think the “Sham-WOW” guy should have ought Billy Mays (RIP) in the UFC octagon…

I have to watch TV with the remote in my hand, or else I feel like I’m swimming with one flipper on.

Anyone who gives 3rd chances is a damn fool.

If you judge people before ever speaking with them, you’re an idiot.

I think trash talking on the internet is about as useful as trying to kill an elephant by throwing a tic tac at it.

I love coconut flavored anything.

I wish I could use the Jedi mind trick on people.

Songs are more important than bands.

There will NEVER BE another Johnny Cash.

When not on the air, he’s also the Owner of Beach Karaoke, along with Panama City Wedding DJ so he stays pretty busy when he’s not visiting with his Country Legend buds, or “The Atlanta Rat Pack” as he calls them. They all kinda came up at the same time, so never be surprised who’s in the studio or on the phone with him.

Listen to TJ every weekday morning starting at 6:00am, and while TECHNICALLY he’s supposed to be off at 10, we have a hard time getting him to leave until around noon…old boy loves his country music!

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