Summer Hacks for Busy Moms


1. DIY outdoor lanterns

Use empty condiment glass containers or mason jars to create colorful, vibrant lanterns. Decorate the containers with colorful tissue paper cut into fun shapes, then put battery-powered tea candles inside.

2. DIY sunburn remedy

It’s inevitable that sometime this summer someone in the house is going to get a sunburn. Ease their pain by freezing store-bought aloe into ice cube trays and then placing one on the sunburned skin. As the aloe melts, it will cool the skin. Creating the cubes helps make first aid fun, keeping children engaged while healing them.

PHOTO: 20 clever hacks for moms to make summer as simple as possible. 

3. DIY marshmallow roaster

For a picnic out in a park, line a terra cotta pot with tin foil for an easy way to roast marshmallows with zero mess.

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